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Narit Tananon

An experienced, award-winning finalist, contemporary printmaker, Narit Tananon experimented even further with his latest exhibition in 2020. Continuing his favorite medium, woodcuts, Mr. Tananon, once again was inspired by deconstructing everyday objects to reduce their bulk and substance to a more simplistic modern form.


With this exhibit, he has exceeded even his own expectations by introducing brilliant and intense colors to his designs which enhance and captivate the viewer. His choice of primal color used in context was inspired by his fascination with neon lighting which is commonly used in “night architecture” to create a glow – the strength and sheen of electric, radiant bright color and light raising the altitude of his simple geometrical shapes. The reflective sheen of his finished artwork creates a brilliant, cynical, and urban aesthetic which awakens our senses and draws us further in. 

  • Viewing Room Abstract Artwork no.2 Vibe Series Woodcutprint by Narit Tananon scaled
  • Viewing Room Abstract Artwork no.1 Vibe Series Woodcutprint by Narit Tananon scaled
  • Viewing Room Abstract Artwork no.3 Vibe Series Woodcutprint by Narit Tananon scaled
  • Sculpture 1 Vibe Exhibition by Narit Tananon scaled
  • Sculpture 2 Vibe Exhibition by Narit Tananon scaled

After careful observation, Mr. Tananon determines how to best represent its essence in a new format and first sketches various shapes and patterns onto his wood block. By starting with simple outlines, he then draws us closer to perceive the pronounced textures which exemplify his artwork, using primarily clean shapes and minimalistic designs enhanced by the wood grain.


A woodcut is then made from a chosen wood block which has been carefully selected, and a sketch is assigned to the wood surface with pencil. Mr. Tananon then uses various sized knives or chisels to gouge or carve the spaces in between the positive outlines, leaving the printing parts level with the surface while removing the non-printing parts. Once this is completed, using water or oil-based ink rolled onto the wood surface, he then transfers the design to paper. For color printing, multiple blocks can be used, although Mr. Tananon introduced resin and sand to the completed product which provides its finished brilliance and added textures.


In this exhibition, he challenged himself not only with use of strong, bold colors, but also by transforming 2D artworks into 3D sculptures so that his still simplistic forms then take on a whole new meaning.

Art collections of watercolor monoprint with wooden frame on white wall, art by narit tananon

WATERCOLOR MONOPRINT COLLECTION — Mr. Tananon is in his element again with this style of woodcut. He continues to take his cue from interesting everyday objects and deconstructs the forms using watercolor medium to create sculptural 2D images, resulting in elegant but simplistic new shapes. The finished products can also serve as inspiration and models to develop more 3D sculptures in the future.

  • Vibe Exhibition by Narit Tananon Photo 4 scaled
  • Vibe Exhibition by Narit Tananon Photo 3 scaled
  • Vibe Exhibition by Narit Tananon Photo 2 scaled


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